Theodore Oben – The publication reviewed the environmental impact of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. It looked at measures that implemented by China to address environmental concerns in Beijing during the preparatory phase of the Games. It also looked at the effectiveness of efforts that were undertaken by the Organizing Committee of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in line with the environmental commitments made by China when they submitted their bid to host the Games. It looked at how stakeholders across Beijing and China were integrated into the Games preparations and organization. The report concluded that in the lead-up to the Games several efforts were undertaken to address environmental problems, particularly the air quality problem in Beijing such as: the change in the energy mix of Beijing – from the over-dependence on coal power to the reliance on other sources of energy including renewable; the implementation of stringent vehicle emission standards with Europeans standards as the benchmark; and, the closing of high polluting companies in and around Beijing. It also concluded that China did not take advantage of the growing importance of climate change to aggressively implement projects to minimize and offset emissions given that the climate footprint of the Olympic Games were very high. Overall, the report concluded that the Games left an important legacy that if replicated help China easily integrate environmental and sustainability considerations in projects and development activities across the country.