Theodore Oben has Successfully developed relationships and implemented collaborative activities on the integration of environmental considerations in the work of sports organizations. These organizations including: the International Olympic Committee; FIFA; The International Motorcycling Federation; The International Powerboating Federation; The International Association of Athletics Federations; The World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry.

Developed, coordinated and monitored the implementation long-term strategies on engaging sports and children and youth organizations in environmental issues.

Led and managed UNEP’s cooperation framework and advisory and technical support on the greening of mass/sport events. Also managed complex and sensitive aspects of the integration of the sustainability dimensions of mass/sport events and supervised the work of international experts in support of these events.

Successfully coordinated UNEP’s cooperation framework with the 2010 Indian Premier League (IPL) and the UNEP-Puma “Play for Life” Campaign to engage fans on conservation issues.

Chief Editor of five UNEP independent environmental assessment reports of mass spectator/sport events.

Successfully coordinated the organization of 17 global conferences for sport and the environment and children and youth.

Developed proposals, fundraised and ensured administrative and budgetary control for the implementation of UNEP outreach activities.

Led projects, supervised and evaluated the performance of project teams of staff and consultants at UNEP headquarters and regional offices to implement UNEP outreach activities.

Coordinated the development and distribution of outreach and communications materials. Built and managed partnerships with external entities (private sector and NGOs).

Represented UNEP in the Sport and Environment Commission of the IOC; the UN Inter-agency Youth Development Network; UN Communications Group on Sport for Development and Peace.