Theodore Oben Lead and managed UNEP’s cooperation framework and advisory and technical support on the greening and sustainability of nine mass spectator/sport events. Also managed complex and sensitive aspects of the integration of the sustainability dimensions of sport/mass events, and supervised the work of international environmental and sustainability experts in support of these events:

Athens 2004 Olympic Games (implemented a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and organized several round table discussions for NGOs and stakeholders to make inputs into the Games preparations; liaised with key stakeholders.

Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games (implemented an MoU and Heritage Climate TORino (HECTOR) a carbon management programme launched to reduce and compensate for the emissions generated by the 2006 Games, engaged key stakeholders including NGOs on the implementation of the Games sustainability programme);

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (implemented an MoU, organized round table discussions for NGOs and Stakeholders to make inputs to the preparations of the Games. Coordinated two independent environmental assessments of the Games);

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games (implemented an MoU and a public communications campaign with organizers);

London 2012 Olympic Games (undertook a study on the effectiveness of the greening of venues and facilities and waste minimization efforts of the organizers);

Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games (implemented an MoU, coordinated the development of action plans for the Organizing Committee (areas included waste and resource management and minimization, communications, and ecosystems management); released 3 periodic environmental reviews and assessment reports in 2008, 2010 and 2011 on progress in implementing environmental objectives of the Games; Coordinated the development of GAP Analysis and action plans on the restoration of the main valley affected by the Games preparations, compensatory measures and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plans); Coordinated efforts to engage external stakeholders (NGOs and other delivery agencies) in the planning and delivery of sustainability and environmental programmes of the Games;

2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany (implementation of an MoU and the Green Goal Programme).