 Successfully developed two UNEP’s ong-term strategies on the integrating environmental considerations in sports and other mass-spectator events and on engaging children and youth in environmental activities, both adopted by UN member state at the UNEP Governing Council in 2003.

 Led and supervised a project team of 10 staffat UNEP headquarters and in Regional Offices for the implementation of the strategies.

 Developed programmes and Projects and provided administrative overview for the implementation of the long-term strategies.Also ensured that the projects are implemented on time and within budget.

 Successfully organized two Global Forum for Sport and Environment and five International Children and Youth Conferences

-1997 UNEP Global Youth Forum in Seoul, Korea;

-1998 International Children’s Conference in Nairobi, Kenya;

-2000 International Children’s Conference, Eastbourne, UK;

-2001 Global Forum for Sport and the Environment, Tokyo, Japan

-2002 International Children’s Conference, Victoria BC, Canada;

-2003 Tunza International Youth Conference, Dubna, Russia;

-2003 Global Forum for Sport and the Environment, Tokyo, Japan.


 Successfully fundraised with the local organizing committees US$ 1.2 million for each of the International Children’s Conference in 2000 and 2002.

 Engaged sport organizations on the integration of environmental considerations in their activities.

 Represented UNEP in the UN Inter-Agency Coordination Committee on Youth Policies and Programmes and engaging other UN entities on promoting joint youth programmes and activities in the UN.

 Developed and led the implementation of four agreements with host of children and youth conferences (in Seoul, Korea, 1997; Eastbourne, UK, 2000; Victoria BC, Canada, 2002; and Dubna, Russia, 2003).

 Coordinated the development of global and regional networks for children and youth and sport organizations.